Wednesday, June 3, 2015

NSA FBI Surveillance Hasn't Gone Anywhere, but Everywhere Once Again Just as Before if Jade Helm 15 is any Indication

""Wait we were told the spying campaign was over? No, they found a better way to collect. Through dirt boxes and technology the FBI can now spy on every single person moving about in an entire city. The is the new face of NSA FBI surveillance. How you might ask, according to ACLU:
The answer is, these are not your parents’ surveillance aircraft. Today there are powerful new surveillance technologies that use aircraft to collect mass information about whole populations, potentially reaching far beyond what the police might need to manage unrest. One such technology, known informally as “Dirtboxes,” has been used to sweep up identifying information about tens of thousands of cell phones in a single flight. These devices (the ground-based versions of which are known as Stingrays) are also technologically capable of stealing data off of phones, though we don’t know whether they’ve been used that way yet. –Source
Which means that the whole time America and the world has been focused on the NSA, The FBI has been truly collecting the data in the background under the guise and cover of “silly airplanes” flying over head. Sound crazy?

In other words, when the government, the whole government, is ready to depreciate a program as useful in their eyes as the bulk meta data collection program; then chances are they have another program that out-performs it or they have a new method of gathering data. Such method is now the surveillance drones, and small aircraft.
Just why are they collecting and spying on everyone for this length of time?
The questions pile up and the concerns drive people to fear, when in reality we should not be afraid because we are the people, we are more than they.
Certainly if we the populace want change, then we the populace must act like it because actions speak louder than words.""

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