Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Roger the Giant Kangaroo out of Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs NT

""It's the battle of the giant kangaroos. Just a week after pictures of a 2m eastern grey stalking suburban streets emerged, a challenger has stepped forward - and he's not shy to flex his muscles.

Roger the red kangaroo weighs a whopping 89kg and stands 2.007m tall from top to tail - almost exactly the same height as Dave, the east coast's behemoth who wanders the streets, startling dog walkers and golfers alike. But Roger is only nine years old.

To show off his prowess, Roger, who lives at The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, likes to crush metal buckets with his bare paws to workout - while staring menacingly at the camera. 

And Dave better be careful because Roger is trained in hand-to-hand combat and can disembowel his opponent with a well-placed kick, according to sanctuary manager Chris 'Brolga' Barnes.
'His daily exercise regime is sparring [kickboxing] his rivals and chasing his human 'Mum', me,' Brolga told Daily Mail Australia.

But Roger might be no match for his eastern grey opponent who tips the scales, weighing in at a massive 95 kilograms.

Though soon Roger will be undefeated as Brolga expects the nine-year-old alpha male to grow bigger as he gets older. 

It is a far cry from the baby joey Brolga rescued in 2006 after finding his mother dead on a highway.
A recent photograph also posted on social media shows a young Roger cradled in a carer's hands. 
Roger's daily exercise regime includes kickboxing with 
his fellow animals, chasing his carer and crushing buckets

The now more mature kangaroo showed off his softer side earlier this year when he was pictured hugging a stuffed toy bunny he had received from a fan just before Easter.

'When I gave it to him he snatched it off me really quickly and proceeded to attack it, giving it a "bear hug" and wrestling it, even hugging it and kicking out as he would do in kick boxing match, he's an expert kick boxer,' Brolga said back in April.  

Usually Roger is very protective of the female members of his group.

'[He] will attack anyone or anything that gets too close to him or his women,' Brolga said. 

But for now Dave who has been seen hopping around the suburban streets of Moreton Bay, north of Brisbane, reigns supreme because of his sheer size.

The kangaroo with a torn ear made international headlines after North Lakes local Linda Hellyer posted a video of him online when she encountered him on a footpath while walking her dogs.

'I looked up he was standing in the middle of the road,' Ms Hellyer told Daily Mail Australia when the story emerged last week.

'He was watching me and my dogs and they were watching him. I didn't get too close but I took a quick photo and video and left him alone.""

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