Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Consumer Reports Best Car of 2015 is the Inspired Tesla S as the "Tour De Force" Performer

""Consumer Reports named the luxury electric Tesla S its top car for the second straight year, calling the market-shaking sedan a “technological tour de force.”
The annual top-10 ranking, based on independent road performance, reliability and crash tests, also gave top category honors to three Subaru models, a landmark sweep for the small Japanese maker.
But the Japanese overall won only six slots, their lowest tally since the influential consumer ratings magazine began the list 19 years ago.
Instead, three American brands — the Tesla, the Buick Regal and the Chevrolet Impala — held their own in the top 10.
“Detroit vehicles are breaking through in new categories,” said Mark Rechtin of Consumer Reports’ car ratings team.
“Many have come a long way in performance, technology, and improved reliability.”
“These are the cars that ignite the gasoline in our veins. That we trust. Respect. And love,” the magazine said.
“They also happen to score high in our reliability ratings and shine in automotive crash tests.”
The $80,000-plus plug-in Tesla again captured the magazine’s fancy as its overall top pick, and not just for the car’s market-beating 265 mile (426 kilometer) range without a charge.
Consumer Reports praised the ability to update the Tesla’s software over the Internet, and that the company surmounted early technical problems, including a handful of fires that started from objects on the road surface kicking into its underside battery pack.
With those problems aside, Consumer Reports lauded the Tesla S’s “magnificence and sheer technological arrogance.""

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