Thursday, March 5, 2015

Disaster Relief Remote Controlled Cyborg Cockroach Doom Investigators

""Cyborg cockroaches developed by researchers could be used to help locate survivors trapped within collapsed buildings, caves and other locations.
Texas A&M researchers attached electronic devices to live cockroaches which simulate nerve signals normally sent by antennae. This is accomplished by delivering small shocks, which are picked up by the insects in the same manner as they would if they sensed a predator approaching. By altering the weak electrical signals, it is possible to direct the travel of the insects.

These cyborg robots may be even better than fully-mechanical devices at finding people trapped during disasters, investigators believe.
A small packet of electronics, including a battery, microcontroller, and wireless transceiver, were fitted to the backs of American (Periplaneta Americana) and discoid (Blaberus discoidalis) cockroaches. Each of those species are large enough to carry the device and still remain mobile.

Researchers attached leashes to the cockroaches before placing them in a trackball. Small electrical signals were delivered by the device to the thorax of the creatures, as they traveled along their route. Investigators found they were able to control the direction of these cyborg cockroaches 60 percent of the time.
In 2010, an experiment was conducted on cockroaches, which were controlled by an implanted device.  

Future development of cyborg cockroaches could involve development of even less-invasive devices, controlling travel through vibrations delivered near antennae, rather than shocks. Unlike the last two versions of the device, this new development would not require surgery on the insects, and would carry little risk for the creatures.

Cockroaches are able to detect vibrations caused by predators as they approach the insect. This future controller could take advantage of that ability, in order to direct the insect.""

Okay. You little cockroaches... come on. 
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