Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nevada Desert New Eden Geyser Oasis is so Living Off the Grid

""This Phenomenon is called “Fly Geyser” and is formed by an accident when a ranch owner drilled for water in the Nevada desert.

It began in the early twentieth-century when the ranch owner drilled a well to raise the quality of the agriculture. But when they had drilled the whole way down to the water they stopped because the water temperature was 200 degrees. In 1964 there was a second attempt. It also failed because the water was too hot.

The high water pressure flushes up minerals and gas. That evolves into an awesome pile that’s just keep on growing.  I think they may to have to re-think how fast stalagtites and stalagmites form in caves, because this is fast growth!

The water ponds have formed its own ecosystem below the geyser. Here you have small fishes and several kinds of birds.

The strange but magnificent geyser got this look from the different kinds of minerals that reacts with the airs oxygen and the sun. This results in amazing colours.

The landlord is usually kind and guide the tourists that visit the area. But first you have to get in contact with them to get in. The price for a guided tour differ from time to time.

There are hot water lakes and beautiful lakes spurring fish and wildlife to flourish.  It's a real-life oasis in the desert!""

Live Off That Grid:

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