Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US MQ-9 Reaper (Predator B) Drone Crashes at Seychelles International Airport: This Wouldn't Have Anything to Do With the Computer Virus Hiting US Drone Fleet Cockpits of America's Predators Right? Second Drone Crash Prompts Air Force Investigation, Electronic Warfare Getting More And More Danger Mouse.

""VICTORIA, Seychelles (AFP) - A United States (US) drone crashed on Tuesday at Seychelles international airport on the main island of Mahe, the US embassy said.

The remote-piloted MQ-9 aircraft crashed on landing but no one was hurt, said the US embassy in Mauritius, which also handles the Seychelles. The drone was operating from the Seychelles, it said.

'The MQ-9 was not armed and no injuries were reported,' it said. 'The runway at the airport has reopened for normal traffic. The cause of the incident is unknown and currently under investigation.' 

The US drones began anti-piracy surveillance in late 2009 after the Seychelles and the US Africa Command tested the aircraft to be used in seeking out Somali gunmen prowling the Indian Ocean.""


Second Drone Crash Prompts Air Force Investigation


 ""The Air Force is investigating a second drone crash, this one on the island nation of Seychelles, a week after a drone went down in Iran.

"The cause of the incident is unknown and currently under investigation," said the Air Force, in a statement.

Service officials have confirmed that an unarmed MQ-9 drone crashed at the Seychelles International Airport on Tuesday. The Air Force has a drone base there manned by aircraft that are used in surveillance missions over Afghanistan.

The drone that went down in Iran more than a week ago is still in Iranian hands. Iranian military officials have said Tehran would not return it to the U.S., deeming its presence a "hostile act."

It still isn't clear what brought the drone down in Iran, Air Force officials have said.

Seychelles is located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.""


Computer Virus Hits US Drone Fleet Cockpits of America's Predator
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