Thursday, January 8, 2015

NEO Neurophone CES 2015 Patrick Flanagan Sneak Peak

""The NEO Neurophone is not a smart phone.  Rather, the brand new 2015 NEO Neurophone is famed inventor Dr. Patrick Flanagan's profound time-tested techno-meditation device that uses blissful ultrasonic waves to soothe and center your mind and allow the possibilty to make you smarter.

NEO is Easy to Use
Place Dr. Flanagan's the lightweight easy to use NEO Neurophone transducers on your forehead, switch on the Neurophone and gentle ultrasonic waves waft into your brain, whisking you to new levels of awareness, balancing your left/right brain hemispheres and thus -- for many -- boosting IQ.

Sound like the latest sci-fi opening in theaters?  Nope, this dream is completely real.  The NEO Neurophone is the newest and most advanced model in a long series of Neurophones dating all the way back to the 50s when sci-fi was all the rage.

Ultrasonic waves are extremely beneficial to the human brain.  If you google "brain ultrasound", you'll see universities only just now catching on to how great ultrasonics are for the mind, while a child prodigy named Patrick Flanagan, only thirteen years old when THE FLY and ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN played as double features at the local Oklahoma drive-in, had already invented his first Neurophone.

Since 1958, Dr. Patrick Flanagan and later his cutting edge company Phi Sciences that he founded in 1987, have been refining his profound Neurophone discovery, first inspired by a 1911 Hugo Gernsback science fiction tale about a sleep learning tool.   Patrick's Neurophone  impressed Hugo (for whom the prestigious Hugo Nebula Awards are named) deeply enough to extend a personal thank you to Dr. Flanangan for carrying out one of Gernsback's visions of the future, which included the prediction of television.

Got Prize Deliveries and NEO Questions?
Lucky for you, this campaign is not your typical Indiegogo startup.  It's backed by an excellent service team at Patrick Flanagan's PhiSciencs established 1987.  Their office hours 9-4 PM mounitain time.  Unless the lines are busy from the funder traffic, a real PhiSciences person, not a robot, will take your call at 928-634-2668 or feel to email them at
Intelligence Everywhere""

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