Thursday, January 8, 2015

Psychic's Betsy Balega, Tara Greene and Shawn Robbins Tell Health Predictions in the Field of Homeopathy 2015

According to psychics Betsy Balega, Tara Greene and Shawn Robbins, plenty of news will come from the health field in 2015 – some bad but mostly good.

Balega predicts that a link will be found “between negative emotions and poor health.” This is something that many scientists and even common folk thought might be true but in 2015, it will be confirmed, she says. It seems the power of positive thinking will be more vital than ever to maintaining good health.

Balega also predicts, “Ebola will not yet be conquered.” As well she notes, “There will be a vaccine shortage” even in North America. These governments might “mean well but expect a lack of medicines when they are needed.” She adds that there will also be “more outbreaks of viruses moving from animals to people.”

Greene foresees Ebola becoming a “pandemic." Many more new viruses will appear and will threaten travel.” She also predicts that “Mad Cow” disease will surface in England again, which will cause “food scares” related to pork, chicken and other meats. As a result, she says, “more people become vegans.”

Greene also predicts, “Travel may be restricted because of fears of Ebola.”

Robbins predicts that scientist will be “astounded when a compound is found in jellyfish that halts the spread of Cancer cells.” This would signal a major breakthrough in treating this horrid disease.

She also predicted that Turmeric, which is a “common spice used in Indian cooking, will be hailed as the next wonder drug to treat the symptoms of Glaucoma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease.”

Balega predicts that "energy medicine" will become “a favored way to treat illness” by getting to “the root cause” rather than simply treating the symptoms. She adds, “People like Dr. Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. Eric Pearl will be recognized.”

More inspiring news comes from Robbins who predicts that 3D printers will be used to provide “human organs,” which will bring “new hope to transplant patients by not having to rely upon human organ donors.” This would also eliminate the need to use cadaver organs, which are most prevalent on the black market organ trade.

Robbins predicts more good news for patients who are paralyzed.

“A microchip implanted in the spine will be able to send electrical currents to nerve cells,” she says. This microchip would be “activated by a hand held computer and would allow paralyzed patients to regain a sense of feeling in their arms and legs.”

A June 2014 article in the National Post entitled Science fiction come true: Paralyzed man moves arm with his thoughts using microchip in his brain calls this new technology a “neurobridge.” The microchip, which reads the patient’s thoughts, was created “by doctors at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center,” along with “engineers from a non-profit research center called Battelle.” The Columbus, Ohio man is the first person who has been able to accomplish this.

Greene says that Jupiter in Virgo this year will bring more “grassroots” ways of dealing with health matters. “Learning from the past, herbalism (the use of plants for medical purposes) will become mainstream,” she says adding that “all naturopathic and homeopathic healing methods will surge in popularity. Osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapies also become popular.”

As well Greene predicts, “Spiritual healing will get very mainstream. With Jupiter in Virgo (the body) opposite Neptune in Pisces squared by Saturn” she says, “spiritual healing, sound healing, crystals, color therapy, shamanism, ayahuasca, sacred plants, cleansing diets and positive outlooks will all be factored into any patient’s healing methodology as standard practice.

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