Friday, January 16, 2015

Wifi RF Exposure "Appears" Greater Danger to Children's Developmental Health than to Adult's Well-being

""Forbes writer Robert J. Szczerba states he simply wants to apply common sense rules to a technology that has been -- in his view -- overlooked by manufacturers.
Manufacturers like Apple do extensively test and list detailed information about RF signals on their website - in the case of the iPhone 6 this information recommends you carry your device 5mm away from your body to maintain safe standards (1.6 watts per kilogram) as required by law in many countries.
The effects of RF and WiFi signals on adults and children have been extensively looked at elsewhere.
In the UK an independent advisory group on non-ionising radiation, headed by Professor AJ Swerdlow, produced a detailed report on RF that said there was no evidence that demonstrated "any adverse health effects of RF field exposure below internationally accepted guideline levels".
It also said that "there is increasing evidence that RF field exposure below guideline levels does not cause symptoms and cannot be detected by people, even by those who consider themselves to be sensitive to RF fields".
That review also looked at studies into RF exposure in children - particularly as it related to reaction time, rather than cancer or other illness.
It said that one 2004 study which exposed 32 children aged 10-14 in a double-blind test found no significant effects of exposure. Another 2005 study found no significant results in a similar experiment.
The report did say that "caution is needed in interpreting the effect of exposure on simple reaction time, particularly since the effect replicates those observed in earlier studies of adults".
But it also concluded that "there is no convincing evidence that RF field exposure below guideline levels causes health effects in adults or children".
Forbes notes that the study it quotes tries to link RF exposure to cancer but admits it takes 30 years on average for a tumor to develop - meaning a link (if one exists) is difficult to prove.""
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