Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ormus Modern Alchemy: Books I Recommend for the Modern Day Alchemist & Philosopher - A New Golden Age

Modern Day Philosopher's & Alchemist's Rejoice of a Golden Age

I recently gave my family members the gift of books in alchemy for the Christmas Holiday as well as a dispenser of 12 mineral cell salts along with some Ormus in Hermetic liquid form. Not knowing if they would understand let alone try delving into the mysteries of of the ancient 'occult' literature. Not many humans in the world are aware that 'astrology' before it was banished and ridiculed from the face of the planet by the 'ill' gotten conquering government leaders of our violent radical history was in fact a 'real' modern day science in it's day. Unfortunately not only has it been frowned upon and belittled for the last several hundred years or so, but it's science has been replaced with a convoluted half-assed mock up. Be rest assured and be fruitful inasmuch though, there is still an incredible library's worth of genuine content in a vast array on this divine subject. - SeraphSirius

 I'll leave you with some wonderful books to read in 2015:

 Ormus Modern Day Alchemy: 
Primer of Ormus Collection 
Processes Reference Edition

Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: 
God's Love Manifest in Molecules

Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene 
Revealed - Part [A]: Historical & Practical 
Applications Of Essential Alchemical Science

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy

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