Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Getting Real About Spiritual Agenda's in this Chosen Generation and the Plans Unfolding Thousands of Years in the Making

""Will the coming days go down in history as seven years of "Great Tribulation" or will it morph into the generally overlooked "Wrath of God? (Rev 6:17; 11:18: 14:10, 19; 15:1,7; 16:1, 19; 19:15)?" Or will it be a combination of periods that will only be understood from a perspective yet to come.

Why have we been chosen to be part of the "Chosen Generation?" Only He knows, but we rest assured there are no mistakes in God's agenda. Nothing will be allowed that could upset His plan for mankind. We have been selected by the Maker of All Things to live at this particular time of history. Perhaps because we are destined to reach potentials far beyond what we can conceive, or maybe we'll be among the early casualties in days to come. Either way, if we are in Him, and He in us we can't go wrong.

We are bombarded daily with "The Threat of the Day, "Probable war in the Mid-East, threatened nuclear attack on Israel, possible war between China and Japan, war between Russia and NATO, etc. etc…wars and rumors of wars" (Mt 24:6, Mk 13:7)."

Also on the daily radar are stories of possible EMP explosions that will knock out all electronics in North America and there are fears of hackers who are about to penetrate our electrical grid, shutting down the power that in turn will knockout water supplies and every activity that relies on electricity.[1]

Lately we see stories posted almost by the hour about coming military exercises called Jade-Helm and speculation that a cyber attack may be linked to the coming maneuvers.[2] There appears also to be much evidence of foreign troops (Russian and Chinese) practicing combat in hidden-away areas in secluded portions of our national forests, in preparation for war against the American people.

It's entirely possible that a cyber-attack, or a deliberate shutting down of the internet and telephone communications will render any resistance to martial law largely crippled while those bent on domination will still be able to communicate on other networks.
There is also evidence that Fukushima radiation is killing the Pacific Ocean fishing industry. We have drought in California and bird flu in Minnesota and North Dakota. Alongside that, is a mounting avalanche of evidence that financial collapse is either likely or planned, for the coming fall season of 2015. Evidence is also present that economic boom and bust cycles are due to bust next and prominent prognosticators chart the implosion to occur in the fall of 2015. The testimony of financial experts seems to be endless and it appears wise to listen to them, then pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

Then we have the second start-up of CERN, headquarters for the Large Hadron Collider, reportedly the largest mechanical device ever built on planet earth ostensibly built to find the "God Particle," or a replication of the "Big Bang." An exercise which, attributed to acclaimed Physicist Stephen Hawking, has the potential to cause enormous problems.

Many take Hawking's fears to mean we could possibly blow up the universe. Others worry that the CERN may inadvertently (or perhaps on purpose) open a "portal" to another dimension, possibly demonic and unleash a malevolent alien invasion upon us.

Theories abound that as it was in the days of Noah, when giants roamed the land and evil stalked every aspect of life, it is about to become again. God took care of the wickedness with a flood that wiped them all out but preserved Noah and his family for a fresh start. This time though, redemption has already been presented to the human race in the form of Jesus Christ and there will be no more new beginnings.

On top it all the "Shemitah Cycle" is being promoted by different authors and this too is apparently scheduled for the same time period (Fall of 2015), with the cherry on the top of the plate set before us being the tetrad phenomena of four "blood-red" moons in a row interspersed with a solar eclipse and a few more following closely behind. The last blood moon is scheduled for September 28,2015. God controls the cycles of the stars, the moon and the sun and we wonder if He is signaling something we should pay close attention to. After all He said in Genesis 1 heavenly bodies will be used for signs as well as for seasons.


Hitler killed an estimated 13 million innocent people. Stalin's scorecard has been estimated at 60 million and Red China reportedly exterminated a like number. World War 2 claimed more than 50 million lives but all that is peanuts compared to what is before us. In the coming holocaust predicted in Scripture a staggering (3 ½) three and one half BILLION will die (half of the population, Rev 6:8, 9:18). The choices you and I make now may decide whether or not we will be in that number. Of course, anyone can be killed in a catastrophe. That's beyond our control, but we can make sure we live forever in heaven. It requires honesty and a humbling of ourselves, a commodity sorely lacking in most.""

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