Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Week Celebrates on Que Though Still We're Living in an Unloving World

""They had all kinds of accusations... Insurrection. Inciting a riot. Conspiracy. Terrorism (plotting to destroy the temple). Blasphemy.
But all he did was love. And heal. And give people hope.

Despite any substantial evidence, witnesses, or signs of any crime committed - he was pronounced guilty and sentenced to die.
As he awaited his fate, he was bullied, interrogated, harassed, tortured, beaten to a pulp. The authorities humiliated him and stripped him naked. They mocked the claims of his divinity - ramming a crown of thorns onto his head and wrapping him in a royal purple robe as they laughed.

And so it went. This man who many believe was the holy one that the prophets spoke of, the long awaited Messiah, God incarnate, love with skin on - was executed, brutally. He died with his body convulsing as his lungs collapsed, with vultures swarming overhead, hoping to clean up after the execution. There is nothing more evil than what happened that "Good" Friday.

Most of his friends deserted him and left him to fend for himself. Some of them were so scared they denied even knowing him. Only the women stayed. The long loneliness was so agonizing, so gut-wrenching, he felt like God had bailed on him. Among his last words were these: "My God, My God... why have you forsaken me?"

But even though it was a gruesome week - love gets the last word. We call it "Good" Friday because it wasn't just death that made the news - but resurrection. The empire, the cross, the bloodshed was not the end of the story. On the cross Jesus made a spectacle of evil - he exposed the hatred we are capable of. And he triumphed over that hatred with love. He died with forgiveness on his lips. Just as he came to set the oppressed free, he also came to set oppressors free.

Holy Week is not just about the resurrection - it is also about the cross. Without Good Friday there is no Easter. But we can't leave Jesus on the cross. In the end this is a resurrection story. Holy week is about a God who suffers with us - bleeds with us, cries with us, hopes with us. As we celebrate Holy Week, let's connect the passion of Christ with the passion of the streets. As we remember the violence inflicted on Jesus, we remember the crucified peoples of our world, the victims of violence today.""

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