Thursday, April 9, 2015

Solar Power Networking Neighbor to Neighbor Rooted in Peer-to-Peer Communities

""Rooftop solar gets a sharing economy option from Yeloha, which allows you to subscribe to solar panels installed on someone else’s roof.

One of the biggest barriers to wider solar adoption continues to be the initial cost of a solar energy system, which can keep solar inaccessible to many solar advocates, even though solar can be a low cost and high return option over the long run. Ponying up tens of thousands of dollars for a rooftop solar installation simply isn't an option for many of us, and if you don't own your roof, or your roof is less than optimal for producing solar energy, there really isn't a simple way to purchase solar electricity for your home otherwise.

Companies such as CloudSolar are making it easier to invest in solar energy through a solar PV farm, which might be a viable option for those with cash to purchase panels, but a recently launched solar sharing platform looks to be an even more accessible way to go solar.

Yeloha, which bills itself as a peer-to-peer solar sharing network, will allow anyone to receive the benefits of solar energy at home through the purchase of a solar subscription, which is said to be cheaper than the cost of electricity from their utility. And those with adequate roof space to host an array of solar panels can opt for free installation of a solar PV system, which will give the hosts access to a portion of the generated solar electricity in exchange for sharing that clean electricity with others.

"Yeloha has created a peer to peer marketplace that turns consumers into hosts and partners, allowing both to reduce their electric bills. Roof owners can register as "Sun Hosts" and receive free installation of solar panels in return for sharing access to a portion of the solar energy they generate. Residents whose roofs are shaded, live in apartment or don’t wish to install panels can now, at the click of a button, become “Sun Partners” and purchase as much or as little solar energy as they choose.""
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