Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Google News Now Censoring Sensitive Search Queries?

In the Image just below, I made several upon several attempts of imputing the captcha, over 10 times on each change in key phrase
Normally when doing research for this blog I like to have some things in mind as I search news sites and forums. I happened upon a youtuber investigating classified information through a close military friend (unnamed but purported to be legitimate) who had high classification in rank and security in his operations at the time and has since been retired. Here's what I've discovered recently upon wanting to investigate more:

Video that Lead me to Search Key Phrases (See Down Below)

Video that I Happened On, Upon Browsing

Original Full Length Video Detailing Findings
Google News Censoring Search Queries:

(Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot)

Key Search Phrases + 10 attempts at captcha:

Heavenly Body Hit Earth

Comet Hit Earth

Asteroid Hit Earth

ELE Extinction Level Event Earth

Meteor Earth Extinction

There are several hundred videos you can find pointing to the late September 15th - 28th Government Suppressed Secrecy Agendas. Topics range from World Market Crashes, Martial Law, Civil War, Tsunami's, Mass Volcanic Activity, and Space Bodies Prophesied to Strike. Everything pointing to late 2014...

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