Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trigger Bomb Plotted at Yellowstone to Erupt Supervolcano Ahead of Schedule

""A man on trial in Canada for an alleged plot to derail a passenger train wanted to trigger a catastrophic natural disaster by blowing up Yellowstone Park, his trial heard.

Tunisian student Chiheb Esseghaier spoke of the ‘death and destruction’ an eruption of the massive supervolcano beneath the national park would cause in the US, the court heard.
‘Wouldn’t it be great if my enemies’ worst national disaster could happen?’ an undercover FBI agent reported Essaghaier, 30, as saying, according to the The Canadian Press.

Yellowstone Park, which straddles Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, sits atop a swelling reservoir of magma 55 miles across and 30 miles wide. In parts it reaches depths of nine miles.

It is this subterranean lake of molten rock that heats the park’s famous geysers, but it has also been the cause of eruptions in the past that were so massive it has been dubbed a supervolcano.

Experts are divided on the impact an eruption of the supervolcano may have, but most say one would be catastrophic for the entire world.

In his third week of testimony, the undercover FBI agent said Essaghaier was ‘very passionate’ about the idea of triggering the Yellowstone volcano.

But in the end the doctoral student at the Université du Québec is said to have decided the idea was hopeless.

‘No. We cannot do anything to make the volcano erupt. It’s very deep. I don’t have any access,’ Essaghaier is alleged to have told the agent.

The court also heard that Essaghaier and his co-accused, Palestinian national Raed Jaser, considered a plot to poison soldiers and another to kill world leaders with a sniper rifle.

Studies have suggested that previous eruptions of Yellowstone Park’s supervolcano, which has lain dormant for 70,000 years, were a thousand times more powerful than the one in Mount St Helens in 1980.

When the super volcano last erupted about 640,000 years ago a cloud of ash covered the whole of North America and affected the global climate with an effect similar to a nuclear winter.

If it were to explode today, some say, the Yellowstone volcano would cover cities as far as 1,000 miles away with a layer of ash up to 10ft deep, killing all wildlife and making as much as two thirds of the U.S. uninhabitable.""

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